faUSt playing in Hungary

faUSt – jhp/Zappi - are playing in Budapest on Friday 27th January @ A38, an event ship on the blue Danube, in collaboration with Noise Flowers
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and on Saturday 28th @ Grand Cafe Castle Garden in Szeged / Hungary.

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The Budapest show will be filmed by the Hungarian national TV. We will meet our comrades Zsolt Soeres and Andras Wahorn there and record some material in our days-off.

See you there!


"faUSt alive!" - USA Tour 2016

For the fourth time after 1994 , 2009, 2012  ---  "faUSt Alive!" back again in the USA 

Wir sehen uns !
JHP & Zappi


faUSt will perform in November

faUSt (Zappi W. Diermaier, jhp|art-Errorist, Maxime Manac'h, Uwe Bastiansen)

will perform in November

19th : Utrecht | NL @ The Guess Who? Festival

20th : Lille | F  show-case @ B-Face Records, 47 rue d Amiens

21st : Paris | F @ How to Love Festival (+ Guido Mobius)

22nd : Rouen | F  @ Jazz A Part Festival (+ Charles Hayward Solo)


faUSt in São Paulo / Brasil, June 21st

The São Paulo’s Municipal Secretary of Culture has invited faUSt (Jean-Hervé Péron, Zappi Diermaier) again this year to perform within the Street Festival Virada Cultural.

There will be several stages – one dedicated to experimental/avantgarde sounds and art.

Jhp and Zappi will invite local musicians, graphic artists and dance performers to collaborate with them on Sunday 21st June.

faUSt (jhp, zappi) had  already performed in two consecutive sold-out shows at the Centro Cultural Sao Paulo in  sept 2011 featuring Geraldine Swayne and James Johnston.


Jump for Joy! @ Gothenburg Cultural Festival, Sweden, on 12 August

Jump for Joy! band (Yumi Hara, Chris Cutler, Geoff Leigh, Jean-Herve Peron, Zappi, Geraldine Swayne) will play at Gothenburg Cultural Festival, Sweden, on 12 August.


Tony Conrad & Faust @ Berlin Atonal, August 22th 2015

Berlin Atonal has announced the first names for this year’s festival, returning in August with another line-up highlighting the more experimental side of techno and ambient electronics.

The festival is headed up by a number of interesting one-off commissions, including a live performance of Outside the Dream Syndicate, the legendary 1973 collaboration between avant-garde pioneer Tony Conrad and krautrock band Faust.

Irmler+Liebezeit UK June 2015

Hans Joachim Irmler and Jaki Liebezeit are playing four shows in the UK in June. If you have the chance, don´t miss this great opportunity to see two of the most influental german musicians playing their 2014 record "FLUT".


Faust in London 28th of March

faUSt to Bad Vibes on March the 28th!

The Solitary Worm had kept  faUSt 'yond the Albion borders for a few years. Now, see us in Hackney Shapes on Saturday, March 28th: Zappi Diermaier, jhp/art-errorist, Geraldine Swayne, Thurston Moore, Maxime Manac'h, Morihide Sawada …good to be in London again, ready to rock’n’roll!

Tickets here



24th of January in Berlin, jhp|art-Errorist will do a performance @ ARIADNE'S PHYLOGENETIC SHOELACE

Also works by Max Brand, Kevin Coyne, Danny Kerschen, Norman Lowrey, William Latham, Ayaka Okutsu, Sarah Pucill, Ryan Siegan-Smith, can be seen.
Doors opens 6pm
Performance by jhp|art-Errorist (faUSt) 9pm
Kotbusser Damm 96,10967 BERLIN.

The next day, Sunday the 25th a workshop is held at the same place.


Live dates update

Here is an update of upcoming gigs!
November 6th, faUSt perform next week in Copenhagen/Denmark  at the Festival of Endless Gratitude. Zappi and Jean-Herve Peron will invite guest artists and workers to collaborate on their show

November 21st, BBmix Festival in Paris/France. faUSt will perform here with their long time friends Cathy Heyden ( sax) and Maxime Manac'h (guit and video).

November 22nd, Festival Invisible in Brest/France. Zappi and Peron for the second time at this fabulous festival in Britanny.

Warsaw/Poland, jhp/art-Errorist performs in collab with Zsolt Sorés, from 11 to 15 December, in a project "Advent" after one of the piece by Richard Youngs, the focus point will be "Melancholy of Resistance" by Lászlo Krasznahorkai.


Faust jUSt album out!

Bureau B has announced the new album is ready for preorder, release date is 31st October 2014. Some info from the website:
Faust for all - The Krautrock legends lay down the musical foundations for everyone else to make something of their own
“j US t” – pronounced “Just Us” – is the new album from legendary Hamburg band Faust. Founder members Jean-Hervé Peron and Zappi Diermaier have laid down twelve musical foundations, inviting the whole world to use them as a base on which to build their own music. The tracks presented by Peron and Diermaier are clearly, intrinsically typical of Faust in their own right, yet offer enough space for completely different works to develop. Which is exactly what they hope will happen.

Whilst Diermaier largely remains true to his habitual handiwork–drums and percussion–Peron, as we might expect, incorporates all manner of unusual sonic sources alongside his bass, various string instruments and piano, even using a sewing machine as a metronome. Tracks like “nur nous” and “ich bin ein pavian” show that Faust have lost none of their predilection for avant-garde Dadaism and improvisation. Peron and Diermaier actually surprise us with folkloristic excursions (“cavaqui–ho”, “gammes”). In short, there is something for everyone to work with here. Peron and Diermaier await the results with bated breath.

Faust will follow the same principle on the accompanying tour by inviting local artists to collaborate with them on stage.


Avantgardefestival Program

Finally it is that time again, to enter the farm of Jean-Hervè Peron, and join in three days of Utopia.
A festival of Faust in spirit, and we'll be seeing you there over an avantgarde pizza or eine dunkel. 
Anyway, the festival opens this Friday! Programe is final, and looks like this:


Doors open 16:00

Program starts 17:00
Curfew 03:00

Hanssen& Waernes N
Blaakraft N
Human Abfall D
Sawada J
Thee vhs Cvlt D
Asmus Tietchens D
Diatribes CH
Visual Bassic D
DJ Jazz is Dangerous S


Program starts 10:00
Curfew 03:00

Avantgarde FM FI/USA
Football tournoi All !
Yoga workshop D/ F
Ekin Fill TR
Composers Duo D
Cassiel au Ciel D
Rishin Singh MY/AU
Weinzierl & Sello D
Mia Zabelka A
Ziguri feat. G.Schickert D
Jump for Joy ! J/A/F/UK
Kevin Schmidt CA
Akim Hash RO
DJ Judith Crasser D


Program starts: 10:00
Festival ends: 20:00Doors close : 22:00

Avantgarde FM FI/USA
Chess Tournoi All !
Jono Podmore UK
Evelina Petrova RU
Mani Neumaier D
Doppelganger I / N
Poil F
StadtfischFlex D/J/A / N


Irmler+Liebezeit record

An Irmler+Liebezeit record called "FLUT" will be out July 18th 2014 on Klangbad. The album will be available as CD, LP and Download, and distributed by Broken Silence, Cargo UK, A-Musik and Klangbad Mailorder.

Here is a snippet:


Promo request: benny (at) klangbad.de